Home Decorating: Sources of Our Personal Style

What are the sources of our personal style in home decor? They are as unique as we are and can originate from anywhere including the environment we grew up in to our experiences from childhood into adulthood. To inspire a novel home decor style that will turn our living space into a home of comfortable surroundings suited to our particular tastes we need to tap into the personal wellspring of our interests. As an example, let me highlight where my home decorating interests came from.

My first source was the rustic antiques in the country farm home I grew up in. Being surrounded by fashionable home furnishings is something I got used to and try to copy.

The unique wall sconces and candle lanterns in particular fascinated me and still do. There was electric wall sconces to illuminate staircases and hallways plus several unique wall sconces strategically placed for use when the power went out. One was crafted of wood to contain a tapered candle in front of a mirror. Another was an antique (detachable) lantern complete oil reservoir and the wick behind which was a polished metal plate for projecting the light.

A second source is my hobby of reading history and fantasy literature including Tolkien and Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan, in particular, specialized in such a descriptive style that he could paint a picture in the reader’s imagination of a room’s decor, complete with vibrant colors.

Since most series occur within a medieval setting without electricity, wall sconces and candle lanterns were essential for providing light in the usual places for fantasy literature: castles, keeps, strongholds and palaces. In addition, they often played a significant role in setting up the mood of a scene. Today, wall sconces and candle lanterns can do so much to heighten or create a particular ambiance you are looking for within your home.

The same can be said for shabby decor. I’m aware that distressed finished furniture, cabinets, shelves, mirrors and other accents provide an appearance of age; it is an illusion that I am willing to cultivate to breathe a sense of history into my home decorating. In my imagination this is a small way of being able to visually connect with the generations of the past by investing in this style of unique accent furniture.

If you are searching for home decorating ideas start your search within yourself. Identify your particular interests by trusting your intuition and follow your heart in the search to make an outward home decorating statement that reflects your inner self. Decorating to satisfy another’s taste won’t lead to happiness. Have fun in your quest to surround yourself with the home decor that’s just right for you. Peace of mind and comfort will be your elixir to the daily trials of the world outside.

Home Decorating – 7 Home Decor Trends

I have searched the internet and read many articles on the subject of what the home decor trends will be in 2016. There are a lot of ideas of what will be trending in the coming year. As a matter of fact, there are so many that it would be impossible to list them all in this article. I have narrowed down what I have found to 7 trends that I like.

1. Wall Paper – In 2015 the wall paper trend was ’70s style patterns. So what are we in store for in 2016?

Natural Surfaces – The look of natural facades using wood, stone and brick patterns.

Retro Geometrics – This comes in a wide range of vibrant colors to ultra-modern block designs with a distinctly urban flavor via retro chic,

Metallic matte – Specifically turquoise and copper.

Sweet Pastels – Subtle, calm and muted hues will be the trend.

2. Bringing the Outdoors In – Home owners are experimenting with bringing nature in to their homes. They will be purchasing furniture that can be used outside as well as inside. For the interior of the home the trend will be wall decor depicting outdoor themes, table top water fountains and small plants in pots.

3. Artisan Goods – This can be anything from basketry and tassels to crochet and macrame, weaving is a good choice also. Home owners should not be afraid to mix artisan goods with mass produced items. It is okay to mix a Persian rug or an artisan stool with a table from your local store.

4. Minerals – Minerals of all types will be in. Look for bowls of pyrite, quartz chunks as display pieces and bowls with unpolished semi-precious stones.

5. Decorative Tiles – According to home designer’s decorative backsplashes have been going strong for many years. Expect to see an increase in geometric patterns that add the illusion of fluid movement. The use of wood and cement will aid in achieving this look. This will be seen on floors, countertops or backsplashes.

6. Metals and Metallics – Trends in decorating the home are reminiscent of the 50s and 70s. The use of gold, brass and metallic finishes will be popular. So be prepared to embrace the retro bling.

7. Ethnic Prints – The use of tribal prints, African inspired textiles and accessories and globally influenced shapes, patterns and colors. The design world has been using tribal themes as a standard but in 2016 the design world will use these themes with new and bold interpretations.